How do I measure my head?

For a head-size measurement you will be measuring the circumference of your head. Take a tape measure and begin with the tip of the tape at the center of the forehead, go toward the temple, to the back of the crown and then back past the opposite temple landing back to the center of the forehead. Your measurement should not be tight and would likely be 21"-23".

Can I personalize a veil?

YES! The custom options on the veils will be located on the right of the item under the description. Many items will allow you to personalize the cut, color, length most veils and add crystals or pearls to the netting etc. If you are not finding what you want you can place a custom request directly with Dorene. She will get back to you to go over details of your request, price quotes and turn around. Email Dorene at unveiledbridaldesigns@gmail.com.

How does shipping work?

We Ship US, Canada and worldwide using USPS Priority and Express shipping. I gift wrap each item and place in a lovely box or garment bag! All items will have a silver Unveiled Bridal Designs Seal verifying that you are getting a genuine Unveiled Bridal Designs item.

US Priority

  • $12.40 - USPS priority
  • $40.15 - USPS EXPRESS overnight

Priority shipping time is about 2-3 days (Production time is 2-3 weeks. If you need to RUSH the production please contact Dorene)

USPS International

-International shipping varies. Please contact Dorene with your location for you price quote. International shipping 2-3 weeks (this is shipping time only, production turn around is 2-3 weeks. Contact Dorene if you need to RUSH production)


  • $37.75 Priority (shipping plus $3.00 Shipping fee)
  • $49.50 Express (shipping plus a $3.00 shipping fee)
Do you sell your netting or accessories?

Yes, we do offer our accessories and netting for sell. Please contact Dorene for more information.

What is the difference between a Blusher, Angle or Bandeau birdcage?
  • The Blusher style veil is "fuller". The comb decoration is worn to the back however can be turned to wear at the side. It is available in the fuller look with a 18", 16", & 15" and is cut at about 28" wide. Fastens with a bobbie pin loop system. Can be worn with a fascinator or without.
  • The Angle Veil is available in 10" to 18" long and is 28" wide. The Angle is worn to the side which will give it that slight angle to the front. If placed to the back of the crown, the edge will be straight at the front. Fastens with a bobbie pin loop system. Some additional Bobbie pins may be needed.
  • The Wedge is a 9" length, places near temple or ear for wedge over one eye. Fastens with a bobbie pin loop system. Bobbie pin required.

- The Bandeau veil. Attaches at the sides of the head like a "blindfold". Both sides fastens with bobbie pin loops. Beading on loops base to give an elegant feel.

Turn around for all veils
  • Usually 2 weeks production time (November - December)
  • 2-4 weeks production time (January - October)
  • Count on shipping US priority taking and additional 3-4 days. International will take from 2-4 weeks using priority shipping. USPS Priority shipping Express will ship faster for both US and overseas (choosing Express does not rush the items only helps with the shipping time.
  • NEED to RUSH veil production contact Dorene direct to make sure you have enough time for production and shipping. We always recommend not waiting to the last minute, especially during April-August. (if using Paypal address must match the address you have with Paypal on all rush order.
What info helps to create a veil?

Dorene will contact you direct to gather the needed information to make sure you get a veils that fits your head-size, hair style and style.

  • Head size (measure the circumference of your head)
  • Veil length (where to you want the edge to land)
  • Placement: This is very important to consider where you will want to place the veil comb. If ordering a Birdcage the comb placement will determine the length of the veil. For example, If you place the comb further back the veil will shorten. So if you desire the veil to have length past the eyes but want to place the comb near a low bun you will let Dorene know this on the comment section of the cart and then she will cut accordingly.
Has Unveiled Bridal Designs brides been in magazines and blogs?

Yes, we have had the privilege of having brides featured in the following magazines (see our Press page for details):

  •  Southerns Brides
  •  The Knot
  •  Hello May Magazine
  •  Cosmopolitan UK & Australia
  •  B Woman magazine Bride's magazine
  •  Destination and Weddings
  •  News week
  •  Martha Stewart's bridal blog
  •  "Who's Wedding is it Anyways (Style Network: Kirsten)
  •  Today show trash the dress
  •  Bob davis photo shoot wedding event in Vegas
  •  Emmaline Bride
  •  Off-beat brides
  •  Style Me Pretty
  •  Project runway Katelyn Pankoke
  •  And MUCH more!