About Dorene Lenore

Dorene Lenore

 Dorene Lenore's veil journey started over 27 years ago...

After her wedding in '89 other brides wanted to know where she purchased her unique veil with a headband. It was a design she created herself after the inability to locate what she was envisioning. Inspired by her wedding veil and wanting to create for other brides a custom experience Dorene began making bridal veils for friends and family. Each one was a reflection of the bride and her personal style.

Dorene then became the mom of triplets in 1996 and all went on hold. When the "trips" turned 6 in 2002 she decided it was a good time to start creating veils again and she began her company Unveiled Bridal Designs. Dorene decided to include her triplets in the process of building her business. With the triplets in tow they began to help Dorene show her work at local bridal shops. The veils (and the triplets) were a hit! They became the first Unveiled Bridal Designs PR team. Soon after Dorene was missing interaction with brides so she began selling on-line in 2004 and the rest is history!

Since 2004 Dorene's artisan style work has been featured in over 25 magazines and countless blogs. In 2012 her work caught the attention of Craftsy and she became a part of the instructor team, teaching others how to make veils in her class "Vintage inspired veils for the modern bride."

Dorene started out in 1989 creating a custom experience and with her on-line business offers unlimited customization that all centers around the brides own personal style and theme. To date there is still no other designer or website that offers the level of customization or one-on-one customer service then Unveiled Bridal Designs. Dorene's motto is "your personal style should be at the heart of every design", and so for that reason she continues to open up her supplies and design knowledge so you can work with her to create a veil that will be 100% you!

Now, Dorene has been married 27 years, the triplets are nearly 20 and she continues to LOVE making veils and hats. Dorene longs for each of her patrons to know this; each veil, fascinator, beading cluster or hat that she creates she feel God's pleasure. Dorene Lenore absolutely enjoys doing this work unto Him!

We  hope you enjoyed learning a little about the start of Unveiled Bridal Designs and about your designer Dorene Lenore, we hope you have a very nice visit on a site that was built just for you!

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to Dorene directly at unveiledbridaldesigns@gmail.com